Toaster Gallery Annex/Page 1

Above: General Electric Co., Ltd. Electric Toaster [English], Circa 1912.
(Also identified by other collectors as Phelps "Cozy Toaster.")

Above: Description of G.E.C. Electric Toaster, from September 6, 1912
SUPPLEMENT to "The Electrician," an English Industry Periodical.

Above: ELEKTRO Toaster, Circa 1910(?).
Nickel Plated, w/Black Enamelled Heavy Cast Base, Wood Peg Feet.

Above: ELEKTRO Toaster: Adjustable Toast Rack.

Above: ELEKTRO Toaster: Fine Nichrome Wire Heating Element,
w/Asbestos Insulation on Heating Element Frame.

Above: ELEKTRO Toaster: Spring-loaded "Pincher Type" Doors,
w/Hard Rubber Grips.

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