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Toaster Gallery

An Exhibition of Vintage Electric Toasters
at City Museum, in St. Louis, Missouri,
May 3, 2001 through September 9, 2001.

This exhibition showcases a collection belonging to Terry Vollmer and includes 165 Vintage Toasters and related advertising/ephemera.

•To see a list of the Toasters in the Exhibition: [CLICK HERE]

Enjoy your visit!

•Gallery Annex: [CLICK HERE]

There are many Beautiful and Rare Toasters in this exhibit. With several large images per page, loading of these webpages may take a while, depending on computer and/or connection speed. Please be patient. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!

Above, clockwise from lower left:
Sunbeam Model B Flat Toaster, Circa 1923
Porcelier No.5002 Electric Toaster, Circa 1930
Sunshine No.ST.1 Electric Toaster, Circa 1930
"The Best Toast I Ever Tasted", Bond Bakery Toast Recipe Booklet, Circa 1940

Above: "24 Tempting Ways to Prepare Hotpoint Toast", Hotpoint Toast Recipe Booklet, Circa 1926.

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